What is the process of getting Health Insurance?

The types of medical treatments or benefits you are insured for, as well as the doctors and hospitals you can visit, are determined by your health insurance coverage. Your plan will also tell you how much you will pay for treatment and services.

You can then go to a doctor or hospital in the Insurance Made Eazy network after purchasing a health plan. A network is a collection of doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers who collaborate with a health plan like Insurance Made Eazy to provide coverage. It means that instead of paying the full cost of healthcare, you simply have to pay a set amount. You can save money by visiting in-network doctors and hospitals.

Health insurance is designed to be proactive and situation-specific, which means you don't have to wait until you're sick to see a doctor. Preventive care such as annual examinations and flu vaccines are provided at no cost.

What do I have to pay on a monthly basis?

Your health insurance policy will cost you a certain monthly fee. The amount depends on the plan you select, where you live, and how old each individual on the coverage is. The lesser your monthly premium, the more you'll pay at the doctor's office, and vice versa. Identifying your doctor's visit can assist you in selecting the best plan for you.

When I go to the doctor, how much do I have to pay?

Your doctor's charge will be determined by your appointment and the advantages of your insurance plan. Some benefits need a copay (a set financial fee), while others require coinsurance (a fixed percentage amount). Insurance Made Eazy will cover the rest of your visit's costs if you pay a copay or coinsurance. You should check to see if your health plan includes an annual deductible, which is the amount you pay for treatments before coinsurance and your health plan kick in. A high deductible may have an impact on the cost of each doctor's appointment.

Most plans offer an annual out-of-pocket maximum to safeguard you and your family from unexpected costs. Once you reach the out-of-pocket maximum, your health plan will cover 100% of the most covered medical treatments up to the authorized expenses.

Charges that are permitted

The amount that Insurance Made Eazy has agreed to pay for a service or benefit. If your doctor's costs are higher than what your health insurance policy allows, you may be responsible for the difference.


A health plan with a primary care physician (PCP) who serves you regularly. Preventive checkups and referrals to specialists are included. Only other doctors or specialists in your PCP's medical group will be allowed to see you. Benefits received from doctors who are not in your PCP's network are not covered.

Covered Services/Benefits

Insurance Made Eazy covers medically necessary treatments and supplies.


The amount due for most benefits each calendar year before Insurance Made Eazy begins to pay. Some benefits, such as preventive care, are covered before your deductible is met.


After you've reached your deductible, you're usually responsible for a certain proportion of the cost of your benefits.

Maximum out-of-pocket

Each year, the total deductible, copayment, and coinsurance amounts are the most you'll have to pay for all of the covered services.


A consortium of providers, including hospitals, doctors, specialists, and other healthcare providers, has agreed to provide benefits for a set cost to Insurance Made Eazy.


A health plan in which members can choose to see any PPO provider in the network without needing a referral. Non-network providers are also available for most benefits provided members are willing to pay a higher percentage of the cost.