Caravan Insurance

Caravan insurance protects you financially in the event that your caravan is stolen or damaged. Insurance Made Eazy can safeguard your touring caravan, static caravan, or park home investment against a variety of risks.

Is it necessary for me to purchase caravan insurance?

We understand why you might believe caravan insurance isn't mandatory because it isn't required by law. The problem is that your car insurance may only cover a limited level of third-party responsibility for your trailer tent or touring caravan. If you own a caravan, parks may require you to carry at least a minimum level of caravan liability insurance in order to park your caravan there.

It's important to protect yourself from the risks that come with having a caravan, such as fire, storm damage, theft, and unintentional damage. This will cover the caravan, saving you a lot of concern, stress, and money if something goes wrong.

What is covered by caravan insurance?

Accidental damage to your caravan, whether it's a static caravan, touring caravan, or trailer tent, can be covered by caravan insurance. When towing a touring caravan or trailer tent, it may actually protect you from damage. For touring caravans, there is an option to extend your accidental damage coverage. This helps you cover for mishaps on the job site, such as awning damage.

Your caravan insurance policy protects you against third-party responsibility, fire damage, and theft, allowing you to go on holiday more frequently.

Is it feasible to insure a touring caravan that is permanently parked?

Yes! If you only pull your traveling caravan occasionally or park it permanently, we'll be able to reduce your price so you don't have to pay for unneeded towing insurance.

What kind of caravan insurance do I require?

It depends on the type of caravan you possess, where it's stored or parked, and what you want to be covered under the policy. Contact us if you're still unsure about the type of insurance you need for your touring caravan, static caravan, or trailer tent. We will provide you with detailed information to assist you in making an informed decision.