Car Insurance

A car is typically considered as more than just a mode of transportation, and its owners feel compelled to defend it. Insurance Made Eazy wholeheartedly thinks that you must safeguard it. Now is the time to protect your traveling companion, and guess what? It's easier than ever. Yes, you read that correctly. It's extremely simple and convenient!

Our insurance policy includes a wide range of benefits, including:

Cover damages

Consider the following: smashed headlights, damaged windshields, dents, scrapes, and other damages to your vehicle. It's both impossibly difficult and excruciatingly painful. You won't have to when you insure with Insurance Made Eazy!

Third-Party Liability

Unfortunately, there are times when you might crash into other properties and damage someone. Protect your finances with our third-party liability coverage during this time.

Third-Party Liability

Isn't it true that accidents are painful in general? Financial security, on the other hand, pulls you out of the scenario and loosens additional avoidable situations. As a result, it's critical to start protecting yourself and your family right now with Insurance Made Eazy's personal accident coverage.

Roadside Assistance

Have you been in a car accident? Or are you willing to take responsibility when you would be harmed by irresponsible people? Please do not allow these conditions to overwhelm you and cause you great pain. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Our roadside assistance is available.

When are you unable to make a claim on your insurance?

  • Losses sustained as a result of an uninsured driver operating your vehicle
  • Using a personal vehicle for business purposes
  • The driver who doesn't have a valid driving license
  • Damage caused by a driver under the influence of intoxicants of any kind
  • Theft or intentional damage to the vehicle
  • Internal automotive assets are damaged.
  • Typical wear and tear as a result of aging
  • What is the procedure for filing a claim?

    Because we treat our customers like VIPs, our claim process is quick and painless.

    ≫ Please get in touch with us. Fill out an online form or phone us at xxxx-xxxx-xxx (toll-free).
    ≫ Inspection Your vehicle will be inspected by our surveyor.
    ≫ Documents Provide the surveyor with the papers he or she has requested.
    ≫ The workshop receives the notification of Amount Approved, approved claim amount.
    ≫ Direct Deposit The payment will be made straight to the FG workshop.