Aviation Insurance

Insurance Made Eazy recognizes that personal or professional travel may take you outside of the city or across the ocean, necessitating the use of many types of aircraft. Having the ability to establish coverage with the major aviation insurers means having access to the highest limits of coverage and the best loss control services available, regardless of your hobby, industry, or aircraft.

  • No flight department is too little or too large, with liability limits ranging from $1 million to $500 million and hull limits ranging from $100,000 to $100,000 per aircraft.
  • We are capable of insuring intercontinental business jets, single-engine piston planes, and twin-turbine helicopters all under one policy.
  • We also offer the following services in addition to the fleet:

  • Hangarkeepers Coverage
  • Workers Compensation
  • Premises Liability
  • Hangar Coverage
  • Fuel Coverage
  • Pilot Loss of License Coverage
  • Every flight department has its own set of unique exposures that it recognizes. Furthermore, we have advanced mechanisms in place to deal with situations that can be problematic at times.

    Our Products And Guidelines


    Executive aircraft and business fleets are covered by insurance.


    ↪ Liability: $500,000,000 in combined single limits ↪ Hull: The value of each aircraft is insured up to $100,000,000. ↪ Coverage: Global coverage, as well as coverage for aircraft based outside of the United States. ↪ All pilots, crew, and ground staff are covered by workers' compensation.

    Other Features

    » A policy for mixed-fleet operations » Baggage expense, journey interruption, and temporary parts replacement are all covered in detail » Cuba, the European Union, and Mexico are all covered on a global scale » Replace repetitive training with a variety of makes and models.

    Eligible Uses

    Part 135 Passenger Charter and Part 91 Industrial Aid